Giacomo Balla

Futurist reconstruction of the universe

Giacomo Balla, Futurist reconstruction of the universe

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Giacomo Balla, Futurist reconstruction of the universe

"After he joined the Futurists in 1910, Giacomo Balla went through a long period of introverted experimentation with the new avant-garde style and subject matter. After a few tries that led him alternatingly between chronophotography and the photodynamism of Bragaglia, Balla, with the intent to represent movement and dynamism, finally arrived, in 1913, to a mature and unique version of Futurism. Through the elaboration of the cycles of the grid-like abstract paintings called iridescent interpenetration and above all with his works dealing with Abstract Speed, Giacomo Balla became one of the most autonomous and original voices of the movement."
From the Introduction by Fabio Benzi

Curated by Fabio Benzi
186 pages- Format 22,8 x 27,5 cm
Sagep Editori 2018
ISBN 978-88-6373-592-5

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