Baldassare Longoni, Lucertolina, 1919

Baldassare Longoni
Lucertoline (Lizards)

Born into a peasant family of very humble conditions, Baldassarre Longoni attended the Mendrisio gymnasium. Demonstrating excellent artistic skills quickly, he moved to Milan to attend the School of Drawing at the Brera Academy.

Alberto Savinio, Matter in transformation, 1951

Alberto Savinio
Matter in transformation

In the tempera paintings created in the early fifties by Alberto Savinio, new types of "apparitions" appear. Nature and people are on the verge of becoming magmatic and uncontrollable matter, affected by the same process of decomposition.

Antonio Mancini, The broken straw hat,  1875

Antonio Mancini
The broken straw hat

From a young age, Antonio Mancini demonstrated an innate taste for fine art. He was a precocious natural talent, considered an enfant prodige destined for a great future. This anticipated fame began to spread when Mancini first went to Naples as a teenager, visiting its churches and acquiring technical skills from studying works of Caravaggio and Battistello Caracciolo.

Domenico Morelli, The Love of Angels, 1892

Domenico Morelli
The Love of Angels

This work is placed in the most mature artistic season of the Neapolitan master when, through years of symbolist ascesis, his expressiveness evolves in a modern sense and the values of his imagination - which had always nourished his art – adapt themselves to new experiences, changing his style more loosely and concisely, in the direction of the formal values of the modern climate of European Symbolism.

Rubens Santoro. Rio di Ognissanti, Venice. Oil on canvas. Bottegantica Gallery
c. 1885

Rubens Santoro
Rio di Ognissanti, Venice

Rubens Santoro’s first encounter with Venice dates back to 1880, while he only began to stay there in 1884. The city fascinated him and he immediately decided to try his hand at urban views.

Giovanni Boldini, Volume of drawings
1878 c.

Giovanni Boldini
Volume of drawings

Giovanni Boldini (Ferrara 1842 – Paris 1931) is a timeless painter. His artistic vitality was as unstoppable as his genius; his biography is a complex and fascinating puzzle, made up of meetings, disagreements, drastic decisions and great passion: he was both a terrible man and a sublime artist.


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