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Tefaf Maastricht
Tefaf Maastricht

Forum 100, Maastricht, Nederland

Our art gallery has its roots in a great passion for nineteenth-century Italian painting - always nurtured by my family. This love turned into an entrepreneurial and cultural reality in 1986 with the foundation of the Bottegantica.

Cover Tefaf 2019 Bottegantica
The Italian Artists in Paris, cover

The gallery has conducted - with dedication - a uninterrupted historical, artistic and scientific research on different artists who have worked in Italy and abroad between the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century.

These detailed study - supported by internationally renowned academics - have given rise to exhibitions, catalogues and monographs.

Our activity and knowledge has always been made available to national and international Museums and Foundations with the aim of enhancing the Italian tradition and the individual value of the works, offering collectors and art lovers a dedicated and professional cultural assistance.

Mancini, Acrobat with violin
Mancini, Acrobat with violin, 1878

On the occasion of our first participation at TEFAF Maastricht, we propose the parisian pictorial experience of the artists working in the Ville Lumière from 1870 to 1930.

Since the mid-nineteenth century, the French capital was a beacon for artists from all over the world, especially for Italians. In fact - thanks to cultural and linguistic affinities - Italians found themselves at home in that Parisian milieu, constituting an important element in the history of European art.

Giovanni Boldini is one of the best-known Italian artists on the international scene.

Symbol of this Italian presence in France until the first twenty years of the twentieth century, Boldini has always been the flag of our gallery that - with the help of exhibitions and scientific analysis - has deepened its refined painting technique.

In the last expositive venture, we have chosen to explore the Italian art of the twentieth century devoting an exhibition itinerary to the futurist master Giacomo Balla. The conjunction between painting, graphic art and design has inspired us to broaden cultural horizons. Our current artistic proposal has therefore been extended towards drawings, bronze works, constituting initiatives both inherent to modern and contemporary art.

Passion, curiosity and valorization are the values on which Bottegantica has always believed and will continue to support.

In faith, Enzo Savoia

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